HAX roadshow, Demo Day, 100,000+ views, more announcements

Hi! Ben @ HAX here- it's that time of the year again- speaking at conferences, looking for hardware startups... 15 lucky global startups (90% non-Chinese, majority from US) will join us in Shenzhen for 111 days. Dim sums, PCBs, VPN- what's not to love?


1. Hardware Trends report: 192 pages, 100,000+ views!
2. Roadshow: Tokyo, Beijing, NYC, SF, Paris, Vienna, Berlin...

3. Applications to HAX 7 are open!
4. Random hardware things (for fun)

Our big 192-pages report on hardware trends got some attention.
About 110,000 views already which, considering how niche the topic is, we feel is pretty good.

Check it out here and share with your hardware-loving friends! www.slideshare.net/haxlr8r/hardware-trends-2015 #haxlr8r

Hardware Trends Report

It has been called the "Mary Meeker report for IOT"
and got shared over 3,000 times on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks for the <3 !


With such Internet fame, why do we bother touring? Well, we get to meet our fans!

I was in Tokyo and Beijing recently for a few big events: Slush Asia, VentureCon and GMIC. I gave 8 talks in 2 weeks covering hardware trends, smart devices and robotics, including 2 talks in Japanese and some Chinglish attempt.

What do I talk about?
- How the "Silicon" of Silicon Valley is now to Shenzhen (sorry HBO!)
- How startups have to be 10x better, or totally different to survive "Xiaomization"
- China is rising, but plagued by me-too products
- What you can learn about hardware startups from a fake Apple watch.

You'd be surprised at how much you can learn about the world from this "shanzhai" product
Photo: my watch on Walk Mossberg's wrist at a Re/code lunch in Hong Kong

- TechCrunch Disrupt NYC (NYC, May 4-6)
- NYC Hardware Meetup (NYC, May 5 - Tuesday!)
- HAX Demo Day in SF (SF, May 11 - investors & media only <= contact me to sign up)
- Lean Hardware Meetup (SF, May 11 - SOLD OUT)
- IoT World (SF, May 12-13)
- Maker Faire in Bay Area (San Mateo, May 16-17)
- SF Hardware Meetup (Coming soon! - SF, May 19)
- Pioneers conference (Vienna, May 28-29)
- Connected Conference (Paris, May 28-30)

Note that the HAX Demo Day on May 11 in San Francisco will showcase 15 hardware startups doing cutting edge things- from robotics to health tech. Several of them already secured million-dollar distribution deals ("your customers are your best investors"). Check out the teasers for a game console (American Psycho style), a smart blood-testing device, and a new gesture-based controller.

- NOAH Conference (Berlin, June 9-10 - TBC)
- Likely Shenzhen Maker Faire, and some more.

Other HAX partners Cyril and Duncan will also be on the road, in US, Canada, Korea and more.

Someone got to enter all those emails on LinkedIn!
So far the Scannable app is not enough- gotta type them all!


We have started processing applications and confirming teams.
There are more chances to have a spot by applying early!
Deadline: May 23 | Start: July | Funding: Up to $100k | Startups: 15 | Apply

Feel free to recommend good projects- we don't bite!


- Cisco's CEO estimated the IOT space at $19 TRILLION (yes!). Why is everyone still doing apps? ;)
- Big Hero 6 was inspired by robots they saw at MIT, Harvard and Carnegie Mellon. And of course the Star Wars rolling robot exists.

The future is already there!

From Shenzhen, NYC & SF,
Ben @ HAX

PS: As usual, questions & comments are welcome => ben@haxlr8r.com