Hardware Trends 2015 (Free 190+ pages deck) + Kickstarter news + HAX world tour & applications

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1. Hardware Trends 2015 report: 192 pages, for free!

2. Three cool Kickstarter campaigns

3. Upcoming events

4. Applications to HAX 7 are open!



We just published a new research on hardware startups and ecosystems.

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www.slideshare.net/haxlr8r/hardware-trends-2015 #haxlr8r

A small teaser:

Hardware Trends 2015


Three HAX startups took Kickstarter by storm:

- Prynt, the printer for smartphone!
The campaign just ended at $1.5M with over 9,000 backers.

You can pre-order on their website.

Prynt smartphone printer

Instant memories or memories of instant?

- Voltera, the electronic circuit printer (we love printers ;) passed $400,000.

They won the Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES.
Kickstarter called it "The Future of Prototyping".

Voltera PCB printer

For circuit boards, just press print!

- Spark, who created a popular WiFi module and cloud service for IoT.
They just launched a new module for cellular on Kickstarter.

Have your toaster, cat door or just any object send you SMS or data now!
The daily life of things will soon take over on social media.

Spark Electron

What will your teapot tell you?


We will visit (at least) San Francisco, NYC, Paris and Tokyo in April/May/June for various events.

Let us know if you want us to give a talk or meet up.

[ 4 ] APPLY TO HAX HAX 7 starts in July! Application deadline: May 23
Funding: up to $100,000 Startups: 15 Apply early = more chances (less competition). Update later if need be. APPLY TO HAX
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